2011 m. gruodžio 31 d., šeštadienis

Su Naujais Metais! Laimės, svajonių realių, sėkmės!
Happy New Year my dear friends! Be happy!
С Новым годом! Счастья и удачи Всем!

2011 m. gruodžio 22 d., ketvirtadienis


This is not a little teddy bear, this is a good household spirit brownie* - Soli.
He will perfectly take care of flowers, whisk dusts from old books, help to find lost small things. And sometimes he'll take some of these small things to have some joy.
Soli's height is 17 centimeters (6.6 inches).


2011 m. gruodžio 15 d., ketvirtadienis


Made with alpaca; paw - viscose.
Glass eyes, nose – hand made glass, lapwork.
5-way cotterpin jointed
Stuffed with fiberfill and glass granules.
She wears cotton dress.
Varvara is 25 cm in heigth.

2011 m. gruodžio 11 d., sekmadienis

Doti is going to Australia!

2011 m. gruodžio 5 d., pirmadienis

2011 m. gruodžio 1 d., ketvirtadienis