2011 m. spalio 25 d., antradienis

Company :)

2011 m. spalio 21 d., penktadienis

next step

pieces were sewn an then turned

2011 m. spalio 20 d., ketvirtadienis


2011 m. spalio 18 d., antradienis


New teddys - work in progress

Let's go!

2011 m. spalio 17 d., pirmadienis

And my most beloved, requiring most of my time and efforts are teddy bears decorated with hand stitched details, sewn combining different materials and textures. They are the most interesting toys in the creative way.

My exclusive bears are ones with hand stitched monograms. Usually they are custom ordered for special occasions as gifts for children.

I love my toys which are different than planned, the ones that brings their own character while creating them. Their mood is usually a reflection of my mood that I had while sewing them.

Autumn wishes from Lithuania! I started sewing toys in teddy style three years ago. Every single bear I've sewed is very different. I'm still looking for my favorite pattern. I like my small toys: teddy bears, bunnies, baby mice, baby elephants. They are like little mohair miracles which can travel together with you in a bag, pocket or it can be pinned on your favorite sweater.